Default Dan “Best Overall Game”!

Default Dan has won “Best Overall Game” at the 2012 Georgia Fall Game Jam at SPSU. A “game jam”  is a 48 hour competition where game programmers, artists, and designers form teams to create a video game from scratch. A theme is given at the start of the competition (this year it was “Eye of the Beholder”) and the final games are often judged according to theme adherence, game quality, and crowd feedback.  It was a great event overall, with many other good games created by the participants.  Throughout the jam many people tested Default Dan and shared their thoughts and ideas, which helped shape the game from a silly parody into a challenging, clever, and humorous experience that stands on its own as a game. In the end Default Dan was a huge hit at the jam and below you can see the video that was entered with the submission of the game.

Default Dan has evolved into much more than the 48 hour build that spawned this crazy idea.

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