Sooooo Close to that Finish Line!

Ok Guys, we know we haven’t shown this page any love in quite a while. We apologize for that but if you have been following our Twitter (@DefaultDanGame) you know we are coming up on the finish line. We have a lot of awesome upcoming news this month and will be working to post at least once a week on here… if not more frequent.


Now to the good news, We are almost done! So if you were one of our awesome KickStarter backers you are probably already playing your version of Default Dan, for everyone else it will be very soon! We have finalized the full version for Android and the iOS version should be complete this week. From there we just have to get them through the approval process and into the shops. These versions will be the paid versions with NO Ads! Once we get those setup and going we will then go back and work with the Ads to get a free version out… We haven’t worked with Ads before so we are having to learn all of that on the fly.


Now you are probably asking about the Steam version. That is in progress as well. With the help of everyone we made it through Greenlight and have been working with their SDK to get our game ready to post on Steam. Ofcourse this is the version I am sure everyone is waiting for as it will have the playable Danny Sexbang modification for all you NinjaSexParty, GameGrumps, Steam Train Fans. Oh yeah, it will also work cross platforms so we aren’t going to leave all you Mac and Linux users out.


I will continue to post more updates as I get them, with a pretty nice one hopefully coming early next week.

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The Official Default Dan Wiki!


Hey Dan Fans!

We have teamed up with Curse Entertainment and Gamepedia to bring you the official Default Dan Wiki. This will be a place where the community can keep up with new updates for Dan as well as interact with each other to expand it and make it yours. We met these guys while we were at MagFest hanging out with everyone and having fun watching people question their knowledge of gaming :) We are excited to be a part of this awesome going site and share space with some of the other amazing Indie Games out there.


We look forward to seeing everyone contributing to this and building up the Official Default Dan Wiki. You can go there now by Clicking Here! Let us know what you think, and keep checking in as it continue to morph and turn into the amazing resource for all things Dan.

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New Addition to the Team! Brentalfloss!


You Heard It Right!

The legendary Brent Black AKA Brentalfloss will be joining the Default Dan team to bring a new soundtrack to the game. He will be helping to create the complete feel of the game by establishing the tone of each of the environments. You might know Brent from his YouTube channel and all of his popular videos but not only can he create lyrics to songs he can create some amazing tunes.



And So It Begins…

As many of you know we just returned form an amazing weekend at MagFest. This was our third event in which we have gotten to show off the game to fans and have recieved good feedback. While we were there we saw many of the YouTube stars we watch on a daily basis like AVGN, Game Grumps, Smooth McGroove and Brentalfloss just to name a few. After the event we were able to talk to Brent about doing some tracks for the game and history was made… or is being made… or will be made, you know what I am getting at :)

If you haven’t checked out the KickStarter yet you should do that by clicking here because at the $15 tier you get the digital package which will include these awesome tunes we are talking about! Also if you havent checked out Brent’s stuff you can either do that by going to his YouTube page here or checking out his official webpage with some of his previous original songs here.

We will keep you posted as we continue down this awesome journey but wanted to let everyone know who the newest member of the team was!

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Dan’s Plans

Like ninjas, we’ve planning and developing Default Dan under the shroud of darkness. However, the time has come for us to reveal our plans for Fall 2013.

Kickstarter: December 2013

You read correctly. This December we will be launching our very own crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter. We have come very far without any funding, but as we were compiling a list of expenses needed to release the game, the necessity for external funds became clear. We have a variety of great rewards in store for our backers, so make sure to join our mailing list so you can be the first to know when our Kickstarter goes live!

Prerelease Demo: September 2013


This might be unconventional for indie games, but we will be releasing a “prerelease demo” to the public in concordance with our Kickstarter campaign. We want to give gamers and gaming press a taste of what we’ve been cooking up, and provide something legitimate to our Kickstarter campaign to show that there’s some real meat to this game. The demo will feature several stages and a new boss, and download links will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux right here on our home page.

Escapist Expo 2013: October 4-6, 2013

CaptureFollowing last month’s success at Too Many Games, we are pleased to announce that we will be attending Escapist Expo 2013 this October. This will overlap with our Kickstarter, hopefully giving the campaign an extra kick in the butt towards it’s final weeks. We will be selling more shirts and demoing the game for thousands of attendees. Dan thrives in bustling social environments like these, so we’re excited to see how well Dan fares on the expo floor this go around.

That being said… Is your body ready?


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Why it’s called Default Dan


One question that we get a lot is: “where did the name Default Dan come from?”. Well, believe it or not there actually is a pretty good explanation. This peculiar name has a lot to do with the core philosophy from which the game was born, so that’s a good place to start.


In the beginning… there was jam.

The 2012 Georgia Fall Game Jam to be specific. If you’re not familiar with game jams, they are events where a bunch of programmers, designers, and artists form into small teams and are given the task of building a game in 48 hours that adheres to a given theme. The theme this year was “Eye of the Beholder”, which at its core represents the idea that perception is subjective. Following this line of thought, it made sense to develop a game focused on perception, or more specifically, a game that utilizes perception. Thus, the idea was born – a game that tells you one thing with visual cues, and does the opposite through mechanics. A game where perception itself is the enemy, where havoc is wrought in the mind of the player through the inversion of anticipated behaviors.

Still, this does not explain the name Default Dan. Well, I’m getting to that part soon.

The importance of familiarity

In order to flip a game upside down, the player must already expect things to work a certain way. When you purchase the latest first person shooter, you already know how to play – that is, you already have expectations for how the game will work because it resembles something you have played in various forms for years.


It is essential that Default Dan exudes “platformer-ness” in order to create expectations of how the game mechanics should work . The game largely resembles Mario because Mario is THE platformer game – it is perhaps the only game that is ubiquitous enough to sum up an entire genre. Therefore, if we want to instill a feeling of familiarity within the platforming genre, it makes sense to utilize gaming tropes created by the Super Mario games. We intentionally lure the player into a Mario mindset before the game even starts in order to establish a false sense of familiarity. We do this so that we can create anticipation in the player, which we use to create surprise when things are flipped upside down.

And the point is…


This is why it’s called Default Dan. Everything about Dan is designed to look familiar – to feel familiar. The name sums that idea up, rather bluntly. Default Dan is the most obvious of platforming heroes, he represents the common denominator of the platforming genre. Dan runs, Dan jumps, and Dan is instantly familiar. He resides in that corner of your brain that has been shaped by video games your entire life, and uses your brain’s default responses as psychological traps.

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Back from Too Many Games 2013!


So I want to first apologize for the long hiatus from post on the site. We where working around the clock to get everything set for Too Many Games and it was definitely worth it! We had a great time at the event and met a ton of really cool people while we were there. I’m going to be writing a post every night starting Monday highlighting one of the people we met at the event. Tomorrow we will have a more detailed post of the event but wanted to get some of the pictures up on the site, still car lagged from the 13 hour drive but you will find out more about that adventure soon…

IMG_1577 IMG_1594
IMG_1586 IMG_1590
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The Road to Release!

So its time Dan Fans! We are on our way to the final release of Dan for PC, Mac and even the iOS. It has been such an exciting journey and we have just started getting into the fun stuff. Keep on the look out and keep checking in for updates because we have a ton of things in the near future for Dan and the team. Here is just a couple of the bigger things we have coming up…

Dan Day! – March 2nd
We will be letting a few of our biggest fans come hang out with members of the team and get to play test some of the new levels of the game. We will have more information about this event later in the week and who knows you could be one of the lucky ones chosen.

Too Many Games 2013 – June 14-16
We will be crashing TMG with our very own booth! If you are in the Greater Philadelphia area you should really check this out. We will be showing off the game while hanging with all the other cool indie game creators that weekend so if your there come say hey.

Siege 2013 – TBA

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New additions!

We are excited to bring you the latest version of the Default Dan beta! Version 1.84 elevates Dan to a new  level, featuring many new additions such as:

  • Storyline cutscenes and an epic final boss battle round out Default Dan as a complete experience.
  • Refined level designs, now with multiple checkpoints.
  • New scoring system.
  • Global leaderboards for each stage.
  • Extensive engine improvements and bug fixes.

We encourage you to give Default Dan another go if you played an older version, and give us some feedback as we prepare for the final release and mobile port.

The spoiled Princess Ruby prepares to capture Kaiser in a fit of jealous rage. The spoiled Princess Ruby prepares to capture Kaiser in a fit of jealous rage.


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YoYo October Competition 2012

Dan has been polished up with his newest release of 1.62 and is ready to compete in Steam’s October competition! The competition starts today and runs till November 8th so lets start the momentum by getting the votes going. We have added all 8 playable levels, 3 bonus levels and tons of new art. We need all our fans to get the word out about the steam competition and vote for Dan to win. It’s super simple… just click this link, make sure to log in and then click the  button to vote for Default Dan. The prize is going to be $1,000 which well help the team to purchase the needed things to bring Dan to the iOS and Android Marketplaces.

If you want to pass the link along here it is:

UPDATE: We did not win the competition but we did get an Honorable Mention. Thanks to everyone from the Dan family for the votes and support as we continue our journey to the iOS!

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New Beta v1.4!

That’s right, we have just released the new version 1.4 so make sure to check your emails with the newest version. We have added a few new features and polished some of the other content:

-level select UI / polish
-Added 3 levels (5, 6, 7)
-Time ranks and trophies implemented for all levels
-Various minor bug fixes

We are moving right along with the build and looking for feedback from our testers on any changes or recommendations. Check the Beta Test page on how to signup to become a Beta Tester.

Level Select Screen v1.4

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