New Addition to the Team! Brentalfloss!

You Heard It Right!

The legendary Brent Black AKA Brentalfloss will be joining the Default Dan team to bring a new soundtrack to the game. He will be helping to create the complete feel of the game by establishing the tone of each of the environments. You might know Brent from his YouTube channel and all of his popular videos but not only can he create lyrics to songs he can create some amazing tunes.



And So It Begins…

As many of you know we just returned form an amazing weekend at MagFest. This was our third event in which we have gotten to show off the game to fans and have¬†recieved good feedback. While we were there we¬†saw many of the YouTube stars we watch on a daily basis like AVGN, Game Grumps, Smooth McGroove and Brentalfloss just to name a few. After the event we were able to talk to Brent about doing some tracks for the game and history was made… or is being made… or will be made, you know what I am getting at :)

If you haven’t checked out the KickStarter yet you should do that by clicking here because at the $15 tier you get the digital package which will include these awesome tunes we are talking about! Also if you havent checked out Brent’s stuff you can either do that by going to his YouTube page here or checking out his official webpage with some of his previous original songs here.

We will keep you posted as we continue down this awesome journey but wanted to let everyone know who the newest member of the team was!

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