Sooooo Close to that Finish Line!

Ok Guys, we know we haven’t shown this page any love in quite a while. We apologize for that but if you have been following our Twitter (@DefaultDanGame) you know we are coming up on the finish line. We have a lot of awesome upcoming news this month and will be working to post at least once a week on here… if not more frequent.


Now to the good news, We are almost done! So if you were one of our awesome KickStarter backers you are probably already playing your version of Default Dan, for everyone else it will be very soon! We have finalized the full version for Android and the iOS version should be complete this week. From there we just have to get them through the approval process and into the shops. These versions will be the paid versions with NO Ads! Once we get those setup and going we will then go back and work with the Ads to get a free version out… We haven’t worked with Ads before so we are having to learn all of that on the fly.


Now you are probably asking about the Steam version. That is in progress as well. With the help of everyone we made it through Greenlight and have been working with their SDK to get our game ready to post on Steam. Ofcourse this is the version I am sure everyone is waiting for as it will have the playable Danny Sexbang modification for all you NinjaSexParty, GameGrumps, Steam Train Fans. Oh yeah, it will also work cross platforms so we aren’t going to leave all you Mac and Linux users out.


I will continue to post more updates as I get them, with a pretty nice one hopefully coming early next week.

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