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We are a rag-tag group of hobbyists, students, and gamers who came together to create a game that we love to play. We hope the love shows through, and that you enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed creating!

Name: Britt Briscoe

Role: Project Manager

Name: Matt Gold

Role: Programmer, Designer

Matt G. has been designing and programming games for 5 years, and playing them for much longer. His interest in game programming lead him to a degree in Computer Science, and currently works as a software engineer. He lives on the thrill of creating unique experiences and considers game development to be the ultimate creative outlet. He plays just about everything, and lists Metroid Prime, Street Fighter 4, Dead Space, F-Zero, and Mass Effect among his all-time favorites.

Name: Matt Tinney

Role: Level Design

A long time coder and an inspiring cryptographer who has been playing games for just as long, Matt Tinney finds inspiration in an assortment of games, but gives credit primarily to Dungeons and Dragons, Dead Reign, and the Legend of Dragoon.

Name: Ian Phillpotts

Role: Models, Textures, Character Design

I am Ian Charles Phillpotts, an Atlanta-based 3D rigger and I will go wherever my job takes me.

Name: Leonard Nicolas

Role: Rigs and Animation

I am an animator because it’s magic… Yep.


Name: Jim Nguyen

Role: Music

Jim Nguyen serves in the US Army is stationed at Fort Sam Houstan in San Antonio Texas, training to become a Biomedical Equipment Technician. He is a self-taught artist and enjoys producing music and fiddling with computer hardware. Jim is influenced by Starcraft, Kingdom Hearts, and Ghibli anime.

Name: William Buckley

Role: Sound FX

Bill has enjoyed video games, music and technology in general since he was first introduced to them at a young age, which has led him down the path of being a lifelong geek. Currently working in the Software Quality Assurance field, he brings with him a critical eye and attention to detail. Some of the fondest memories were discovering Commodore and Apple2c games like Jumpman and King’s Quest.

Favorite series include: Final Fantasy Legend, Warcraft, Quake and Starcraft. Also, a recovering WoWaholic, but considering returning to the dark side.

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